Mighty Rights Media is an online platform designed to improve engagement with human rights issues. Our website will host human rights reports from around the world, as well as art and media about human rights issues.

Mighty Rights Media’s goal is to inform a global audience about human rights in a format that is dynamic, accessible, and attractive. Mighty Rights Media will make global human rights reports searchable by region, country, topic, and organization, and will translate the issues into media formats including film, graphic novels, commissioned graffiti, and many other innovative methods of telling complicated stories.

Mighty Rights Media addresses a growing appetite for information and interaction with global issues, and recognizes the unique power of art and media to tell sensitive and compelling stories. Human rights issues can be overwhelming and often leave us feeling disempowered; by presenting nuanced and personal stories, Mighty Rights Media will inform the audience and empower the subjects of human rights abuses.

We’re really excited about Mighty Rights Media, and we hope that you are too. We’re working on building our platform right now and will have it up and running this summer.

If you’d like to hear more about what we’re doing over the next few months, just leave your email address and you’ll be the first to hear our news and progress. We won’t spam you, we promise, and we won’t give your information away to third parties. We look forward to being in touch!



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